COROCORD Raumnetz GmbH
Holzhauser Straße 139
D · 13509 Berlin

Phone +49 30 408988-0

We at Corocord are the leading experts worldwide in the development of complex rope play equipment and the art of building with ropes and membranes. Through our products and projects, our clients and partners have been benefiting from this expertise in rope technology for many years. Now, the new Seilakademie further strengthens this exchange of know-how.

2017 NEW at Corocord: Ocean Dome

09.01.2017 - Dive freely into a new adventure world. An underwater world formed by rope structures in deep ocean blue and colourful membranes. Discover this world like a fish and pass the existing Coral reefs, seaweed and starfishes on your way to the surface and towards the horizon on top of the wave. Various... more »

Boomerang Munich

08.07.2016 -

Location: Former AGFA-premises Munich
Planning suggestion: Lex Kerfers_Landschaftsarchitekten, Munich
Height: 2,85 m
Floor space: 25,90 x 10,95 m
Opening: 2015

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